At Landmark, customer service is one of our top priorities! You are important to us and if there is something we can do to improve our service we want to know. No matter the issue, Landmark Limited encourages constructive dialogue with our homeowners. Your feedback will help us determine how we can improve as well as making sure we acknowledge the members of our staff that provide exceptional customer service. To help us assess your overall satisfaction with our company, please email

Have you recently moved, changed your phone number or email address?
It is the responsibility of each owner to ensure the association has your most current contact information on file. To request a Household Profile Form and/or Off-Site Owner form be sent to you, please contact your association manager or email

Thinking of making changes to your property?

Associations come with rules that determine everything from what color you can paint your front door to what type of plants you can install in your planters. A homeowner runs the risk of having an unapproved change reversed because it does not meet the restrictions of the association. This may result in legal action and associated fees to the homeowner.

Typically, before any exterior change can be made to the exterior of your home or landscape, you need to get prior written approval from the association first. There are some exceptions to this based on the governing documents for your association. However, the general rule is that approval is needed for all requests.

To request a Home Improvement Application for your community, please contact your association manager or email