Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH)

As one of our most popular methods of automatic payment ACH has many advantages: management is responsible for updating dues amounts if they change, should you sell your property Landmark is required to notify the bank to cancel your payment upon receipt of legal documentation, and it is free of charge.

Simply download and complete the authorization, attach a voided check from the checking account you wish your monthly assessments to be debited from, and mail to the address listed in the middle of the form. Please note that Union Bank has a deadline for receipt of this option. For example, if your authorization is received by the 10th of December then your account should be active starting January. If it was received after the 10th of December then it will not be active until February. Union Bank mails a confirmation letter when your account is set up on ACH, but occasionally they get lost in the mail. If you wish to confirm that your account is active (and we highly recommend that you do) you can contact or (916)742-1141 after the 20th of the month to verify that your ACH has been initiated.

Download ACH Authorization Form Here


The second most common method of payment is online billpay. This option is also free to you as a member of your financial institution and you can even set up a recurring payment, but the responsibility of updating any payment information rests on you, the owner. This includes changes to the assessment amount, payment address or cancellation of any recurring payments.

Log onto your bank’s website and add your association as a payee. All of the information you will need is located on your payment coupon or statement. Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact our dues payment manager at or (916)742-1141.

Dues Payment Online

This online payment portal is another convenient way to pay your dues if you do not want to mail in a check every month. Owners can make one-time payments or set up recurring payments via this website, however, it is managed and maintained by a third party company and they charge a processing fee per transaction which varies based on method of payment. Again, the responsibility of updating the information is on the homeowner, and the website naturally defaults any recurring payment schedule to twelve (12) months – though it can be extended when you set it up.

Click here to pay your dues online