All resale documents, including condo questionnaires, are ordered and paid for in advance via AssociationREADY. Once you click the link below you will be redirected to their site where you simply follow the prompts provided to be guided to the document menu where all forms are listed with their cost.

If ordering a condo questionnaire you will follow the same procedure, but once on the menu of documents you will want to select “Certification Form”. Below that you can search for the financial institution requesting the questionnaire, and then preview it once the list of pre-loaded documents appears. There are many generic forms that can be previewed as well. If you do not see your specific questionnaire, please contact AssociationREADY (888)497-8832 for additional assistance in getting your form uploaded to the site for completion.

ATTENTION: We have several addresses that are similar or even shared, only being separated by a unit number, and some that are located in multiple associations. Carefully review the address list that generates to select the correct one within the correct association as changing orders once placed is complicated.

Once you complete your transaction, please e-mail to request additional items such as Board Meeting Minutes or a Budget.